BowTie Cause

If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock the BowTie!

Ken Rosenthal & BowTie Cause

A couple of years ago Ken Rosenthal started rocking BowTie Cause bowties. Now you can find him every Saturday on MLB on FOX covering each inning with his BowTie Cause bowtie carefully tied on his collar.   


The collaboration between BTC and Ken did not happen as a result of a PR stunt or fashion risk — but through a true connection to what the BowTie represented.


In 2011, Ken wrote an incredible column (here) on why he started wearing a bowtie.  Admittedly, he was not too taken with the neck wear at first —- yes, he mentioned the ‘Pee Wee Herman’ thing.  

But reactions from viewers and players alike were extremely positive and drew the attention of our very own Dhani Jones.  ”I want to talk bowties”, was his email to Ken.  


Fast forward through a few email and phone conversations —- plus a bit of googling, and you have a proud and honored BowTie guy in Ken Rosenthal.    

Not because it is stylish, not because its ‘cool’ — even though it really is cool to wear one, but because each BowTie supports and spreads the word about a different charity.   And starting conversation and being a part of that conversation is what journalism is all about!  


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